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The temperature is getting warmer
Humid air has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes
Mosquitoes also began to appear on the body itchy bags also began to appear as the culprit of the mosquitoes can not be prevented from hearing and touching

You itch with pain, fierce pinch cross, just want to ask the sky and ask the earth: what is the fate of the mosquito so love me?
Because of the beauty of it?
No, the mosquito's eyesight is very poor, it can not see the human face, the reason for choosing you, because you are very to its taste.
Mosquitoes rely on carbon dioxide to find people, if you breathe fast, high body temperature, love to sweat, equal to the mosquitoes to launch the love signal. In addition, like to wear dark clothes, love makeup, spray perfume, but also more convenient for mosquitoes to find your blood collection.

The above situation if the same, quickly change it, can make the mosquitoes love you less.
But then again, as a human being, why should we give in to mosquitoes to change themselves?

Come ~ and then teach you 2 strokes special treatment of mosquitoes, both the symptoms and the root cause, cut off and mosquitoes of the sin:
The first move: reduce water at home, to kill mosquitoes in the cradle
The second move. Long night, mosquitoes spirited, you are sleeping, the defense is reduced to 0, the urgent need for a magic weapon to ensure that you sleep.
Don't bother to find it, indoor mosquito repellent is highly recommended: healthy and safe bionic black technology mosquito lamp, light wave mosquito, low noise mosquito.

It uses pure physical mosquito control method
Efficient mosquito control, safe and environmental protection
Pregnant women and babies can be used with confidence
Mosquito lamp using the USB power supply type design
Ordinary household charging head
Computer USB interface, mobile power, etc.
Can be powered to the mosquito lamp

Compact size and beautiful design
Superb value, compact and durable
Beautiful sexy small body
At first glance, I thought it was a stereo

The first look at this mosquito lamp
I like it very much
Scandinavian design aesthetics
Elegant, natural and warm
The essence of the design comes from nature and life
No matter what kind of home you are
decorating style can be held

Unlike mosquito incense and mosquito killer
This mosquito lamp captures mosquitoes
will emit 368nm wavelength ultraviolet light
Together with the human body temperature double attraction source
Make mosquitoes think it is human body
and impulsively approach the mosquito lamp
360° surround type blue light
Can attract mosquitoes in any direction
Amblyopic, near-sighted mosquitoes will not ignore it
Although the use of photocatalytic lure mosquitoes
But this light is specially designed for mosquitoes
Does not have any harmful effects on human body
In the dark environment is not blinding
Will not disturb sleep at all ~

After the mosquito "trick" to
Through the machine high-speed rotating fan
Stirring the surrounding air to form a vortex
So that the habit of flying with the airflow of mosquitoes with the wind to come
When the mosquitoes approach the wind tunnel
Will be strong vortex sucked into the bottom of the mosquito storage tray
Once the mosquitoes are sucked into the capture grille
It is difficult to escape the strong airflow formed by the fan
They will be pressed into the bottom of the storage tray
Air dry and dehydrated to death, mosquito is so simple

The effect of mosquito control is really not a blow
To see the effect of a warehouse capture
It is simply how much to exterminate how many
Mosquito lamp with its own storage tray at the bottom
Eliminate the mosquitoes will not be like
general mosquito lamp as scattered all over the place
Easy to clean and more hygienic

Quite simply, the name lives up to its name. He can really give you a peace of mind and comfort.
Get it while they're still on sale!

✅Economical, comfortable and durable✅Easy to use✅Suitable for mother and child✅Removable and washable✅Multiple power supply options


So basically this device entices bugs with a pretty light, sucks them through a turbine where they get stuck to a glue pad and starve to death. The only downfall is that it lacks a tiny microphone that would amplify the cries of agony as a bloodsucking vector of disease writhes in agony.
We have two toddler girls who kept having these horrible red welts on their skin that we would find in the morning. Turns out that, like their mother, they are highly sensitive to mosquito bites. Out of desperation we bought this little guy and since then, not one bite, only the great satisfaction of seeing the machines over night "kills". We hate mosquitoes and so we are very happy with this product. We now have three.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 minutes ago


I bought this when it was on sale. I still think the price is too high, but I was desperate so decided to buy it anyway because I had read so many reviews about this and other products. Based on my photos, you can see I was unfortunately wrong and I could have paid more for these results, so I'm very glad I bought this. These damn creatures have been bothering me for 6 months now. I can't sleep, eat, or even open my mouth to breathe while these flying demons try to enter my body so they can possess me. They came straight from deep underground and I am glad I have a divine weapon against these demon spawn because they cannot possess my soul. I hope they are all destroyed and will make sure to pay what it takes. I am finally rid of these vermin of this world! Not today, Satan, not today.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 28 minutes ago


To say I was skeptical about this was an understatement. But as the fruit flies relentlessly attacked my office, I was compelled to do anything to try and prevent the onslaught. A few days and $50 later, I deployed what would later prove to be the turning point in this great war. The first few days were quiet, a few fruit flies succumbed to it, but 2 appeared for every 1 it could kill. All quiet on the Western front. However, on day 3 I had an idea. First, put it somewhere dark and keep the lights off at night. Second, but some fresh apple cores on top of the trap as bait. The next day I awoke to find a massacre. The fruit fly horde was decimated. The remaining survivors beat a hasty retreat and we declared an overwhelming victory. Katchy still stands guard to this day to protect us from history repeating itself.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 50 minutes ago

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