June-23-2022 By:Lindsay Becker

Can give the neck "a vacation" massage instrument, 10 minutes to easily get rid of fatigue! Let you scream!

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It is said that the world of adults is not easy, as a worker, at least 8 hours a day are working with their heads down.
Long-term ambulatory work, falling ill, especially the cervical pain is unbearable, a little movement of the neck click, but also for no reason hand numbness, dizziness, very uncomfortable.

The neck is a special part of the human body, muscle, bone, meridian structure are very complex! Ordinary massage instrument, can only do a simple pressure, pounding. Therefore, it is difficult to relieve the soreness and swelling after sitting for a long time!

Today we recommend a very good cost-effective cervical spine massage instrument - neck massage instrument.

Press a ten minutes, the original stiff and painful neck, instant relaxation, feel the head is not so heavy
Recommended reasons.
● Upper and lower neck support, streamlined ergonomic cervical spine full wrap design, pressure fit more force.
● Bionic joint press, multi-angle pushing and kneading, completely release muscle pain in all parts of the cervical spine, qi and blood relaxation without fatigue.
● Upgrade the new core massage head, multi-contact wheel finger kneading, press out the depth of the hierarchy, enjoy the massage native comfort.
● 42°C thermostatic hot compress, warm and more skin-friendly, relaxing the veins, massage effect can be more effective with half the effort.
● Three levels of pressure release can be adjusted at will, kneading / tui-na / pressure, all in line.

Streamline ergonomic cervical spine full wrap design
Do not underestimate this design ~
European studies have long shown that we look at the phone, the neck muscles, the force up to 50 pounds (heavier than a bucket of water 10 pounds!!!)
And it, 360 ° three-dimensional surroundings, easy to hold your intelligent brain. Wear it, the head is not heavy, the neck is also easy, massage up, naturally more comfortable!

Huh? Why do you bring a masseuse to work?
After a long time of research, they decided to make "a pair of hands" first. These hands, not too big, but strong enough: the
Bionic joint press, multi-angle pushing and kneading, completely release the cervical spine muscle pain in all areas, blood and Qi relief not tired, a total of 24 massage contacts, 5 small 1 large kneading beads regular arrangement, uniform and powerful, from the depths of the cervical spine decompression tension muscle ~
Through the low-speed motor multi-stage transmission technology, to ensure that the "2 hands" Kongwu force. Hanging most of the "soft massage instrument" on the market.
Tens of thousands of man-machine learning, to create a combination of forward and reverse mode.
360 ° kneading - professional not like a machine, more like a tailor-made old Chinese medicine for us. No wonder colleagues even to work, lunch break, and even home with it! Simply hidden in the U-shaped pillow behind the physiotherapy masseur ah

Everyone loves backrest chairs, lying, nothing more than trying to give the neck a break. After many days and nights, the combination of massage pillow and massage instrument, from the ergonomic design, do 360 ° no dead angle W support design. ~ This is, ordinary massage instrument are not taken into account - the neck weight-bearing.

The universal brick of the massage world, where it is needed to move


I have two knots on my right shoulder, one on my left. I have a lot of tension and it doesn't take much for me to become irritable because of it. Going to get a massage is great but not something I can keep up with because of the cost. This product had great ratings and reviews so I went for it! At this point I was willing to try anything. Best decision I ever made I'm extremely happy with this product I could literally hear the knots being ran over by the ball that is rotating it sounded like speed bumps! I put it to work for 10 minutes and I feel so much relief I wanted to take a nap. I did purchase warranty on this just in case I need it I plan to have this around for a long time. Would also make a excellent gift!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 minutes ago


Works as well as the previous one I had, which was over $200. Most of the complaints here seem to reflect complaints that people who should not use this type of massager in general - ie placement of buttons, the hardness of the rotating balls, the length of the electrical cord. All massagers of this type have all the same features.
Works great: super sturdy, not heavy, easy to manipulate, doesn't overheat, very deep massage.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------40 minutes ago


Wonderful feel good product. I have purchased this 3 times...once for myaelf and two more as gifts. I get tension and menstrual migraines often, so, this really helps my shoulders/neck/mugraines out alot. I haven't uaed the heat feature but Intell you that those kneaders can loosen that upper back/shoulders up tremendously. Also, I thought thatbyhis wouldn't comfortably hug my size 4x short limbed body and shocker...it did.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------55 minutes ago

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